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Battle for Souls 3.2b Eng

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AoS style-map with many items and heroes. You can launch unlimited computer bots with -b and -c commands in single-player mode.
Each hero has many abilities to learn, one passive Class ability (icon will not show), and also may have an Innate abilities and special features (for example, Eternal Slave can build towers; Villain can not see by eyes of his allies, etc).
But you can win by using not only hero. You can hire creeps in buildings on your base to win; you can collect Titan from jewels; also, you can use Courier of your side to win by collect damaging items...
Whenever a Hero kills a Hero, killer gains Soul Stone and can use it to get gold or more strong items. Also, -nic mode (No Item Conditions) offs conditions for items.
Many heroes are very specific. For Example, Guardian of Tranquility are very difficult to kill, but have no damaging abilities and slow. Smith can create items. Ankaria can transfer mana to Soul Stones, and Soul Stones to her spells. Funny Raccoon... Are very funny raccoon!
Usually your team win, whenever great building of opposite side are destroyed. But you can use several modes to add/remove victory conditions (Look at Map Info. You can test all of them in Single Player/Team mode: activated automatically).
Like DotA? Maybe... But MORE heroes and items, MORE features, MORE difference at icons, modes and spells. And quest elements. Balance? I improve him with each version, also with YOUR help )
Best set of heroes than in any other AoS!


The bloody fight of Darkness and Light does not stop never. She goes always - even in your own souls. Choose, on which side are you?
You are true adept of Light? You know, what is angry also of gloom should be always punished? You know, what higher of all are friendship, trust, love and kindness? You understand, what any meanness early or late will reveal? What secret always becomes obvious and there is nothing the more dearly present friends and liked, against which always it is possible to lean? What the most important treasures - kind heart and pure conscience?
Or you are warrior of Darkness? You agree that Light adepts are stupids and fools? What for trust always pay in a deceit? What the present friends no, and all is done only for the sake of personal benefit? What there is no love, and there are only corporal instincts multiplied by vanity and complacency? What main are personal self-perfection? What strong is always right? What for one million gold coins any in a convenient situation throws the knife in a back to the one whom yesterday named by the friend?
You have made this choice? Now you should battle for YOUR SIDE!
All warriors of the opposite party must DIE! Choose YOUR way to victory.

Map contains:

-Wonderful gameplay;
-Quest elements (Thief Hall, Jewels, etc.,)
-You can exchange by using commands and modes practically any aspect of the game;
-Many original ideas, for example: hero Smith (item creator and duplicator), hero Chimaera (creates and transforms creeps on lines) and many others...

Latest Changelog:

Reminder: Type -b and -c to spawn unlimited AI bots. For host player only and only in first three minutes of the game. In single player mode you always are host.

-Very big part of code changed from GUI to JASS for optimal working without Wait actions (big change - i needed very many hours for that)
-First Blood reworked. Only non-AI players now can take First Blood. Also First Blood now works correctly with specific conditions of killing (like Goblin Sapper's mines)
-Mode with No Cooldown reworked for working more correctly
-Nighthunter: ability Nightmare are changed to new ability Feast
-Guardian of Tranquility: third ability are changed to new ability Grow in Ground
-Guardian of Tranquility: changed some hotkeys
-Fire Lord: ability Fiery Pain now also deals part of damage to two enemies near the main target
-Spirit of Vengeance: base armor decreased on 1
-Spirit of Vengeance: manacost of Uncontrollable ability changed from 77 to 40/80/120/160/200
-Passed Troll: third ability now can take 25% less maximum damage at all levels
-Anarchist: new fun name FlameSword
-Meat Wagon: Decomposition ability now deals only 40/80/120/160/200 damage per corpse instead of 50/100/150/200/250
-Meat Wagon: Hook ability now changes health to 10% from maximum instead of 1%
-Undead King: removed recoloring
-Sorceress: removed recoloring and changed size
-Wyvern: damage from ultimate now has more correctly indicator
-Cleric: increased size of visual effect from first ability
-Sun Dragon: new icon for Euphoria ability
-Sun Dragon: fixed casting range of "Love" ability
-Sun Dragon: hotkey for learning "Love" ability now works correctly
-Dinosaur: fixed tooltip of Threefold Boom ability on 3-5 levels
-Polar Bear: new icon for "Passion" ability
-Polar Bear: fixed problem with tooltip of "Passion" ability
-Polar Bear: new icon for "Ice Braves" ability
-Confectioner Grandmother: new icon for "Cake" ability
-Forest Princess: now Spirits of the Forest ends flying more correctly with ends of healing
-Absorber: fixed the same hotkey for learning ultimate spell and third ability
-New item Boots of the Coward (other, not like old removed item with the same name)
-Shield of Honor item: recipe cost increased from 1600 to 2000
-Shield of Honor item: now decreases damage minimum to 12 instead of 10
-Emerald Dragon Ring item: recipe cost decreased from 2000 to 1800
-Emerald Dragon Ring item: movement speed bonus decreased from 100 to 90
-Scepter of Terror item: Finger of Death range decreased from 1200 to 700
-Refresh Sphere item: changed icon
-Improved movement of creeps on middle lane
-Many other minor fixes and changes






That map has more items, heroes and variety than DotA. Have fun.

Visit as at our site: http://www.myfantasies.ucoz.ru

AoS, DotA-Killer, many heroes

Battle for Souls 3.2b Eng (Map)

18:39, 15th Mar 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 3
Sep 9, 2009
Bots can be created in Single Player/Team mode (type -b for enemy bot and -c for allied bot, for example).
Bots can only move and cast spells, but you can create UNLIMITED number of bots for fun.
I think, it's not very bad ;)

PS I reload the map. Animus had two minor bugs in last version.
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Level 3
Sep 9, 2009
Changelog from 1.4.1 to 1.4.2:

-New hero: Sun Dragon (D)
-New mode: -rc (Revive Creeps)
-New mode: -tra (Transformations)
-New command: -dxxxx (changes distance of Sun Soul)
-New commands: -acon, -acoff (adds/removes additional creeps on lines)
-Added new forest shops
-New item: Jump Boots (You can jump and you can run, you can have a lot of fun! ) )
-Added tooltips to third abilities of Living Mountain and Fat Corpse
-Minor fix of Ectoplasm
-Added new peoples to Credits

-"Energy Jump" now heals based on agility: 0.1 X Lvl
-Spirit Flame now has cooldown 10/8/6/4/2
-Spirits of Forest now has cooldown 110/90 instead of 110/160
-Healing Wave's cooldown now is 80/50 and manacost is 0!
-Minor fix of Rocket Shock
-Rexxar now can summon quillbeasts to self as additional ability of hero
-Hellstone has been changed. Now, when hero throws Hellstone to an enemy,
all nearby enemies becomes attacked by Hellstones. Manacost increased on 30
-Mana cost of Reincarnation is now 150/130
-Death Touch now drains 2 hits of health for each level of ability

we often in Garena )
Level 3
Sep 9, 2009
New version... I really want to create dota-killer even for self )))))
But other peoples too not bad estimate last versions )))

Changelog from 1.4.2 to 1.4.3:

-New hero: Villain (Altsy, fun name - Gortz). Total of 100 (!) heroes now, abilities unique!
-Fixed minor bug with tower-killing
-Abilities "Dark Shield" and "Mass Miss" transferred to Queen of Pain
-Abilities "Soul Eater" and "Omg" transferred to Crypt Spirit
-Ability "Fury of the Damned" transferred to Daedra
-Intelligence gain per lvl of Queen of Pain increased to 3.5, but Agility gain - decreased to 1.7
-Intelligence gain per lvl of Crypt Spirit decreased to 3.1, but Strength - increased to 2.4
-Blink of Chronos now has distance 800/900/1000/1100/1200
-"Cyclones" ability remaked
-Gold Attack now deals magic damage instead of pure
-Radiation now has no C/D and Manacost (NOT a joke)
-Death Shield now passive ability which prevents damage
-If Tower of Ushloc now kills a hero, its owner gains Soul Stone
-If Guardian of Tranquility controlled by AI is attacked, now he immediately casts "Concealment".
-Magical Category's damage is increased to 70/110/150/190/240
-New mode "-nt" - No Top
-New mode "-nb" - No Bottom
-New mode "-nm" - No Mid
-New mode "-nto" - No Towers
-New command "-roll"
-New effect to ability "Absorb of Pain"
-New fun names

-Map code are optimized
-Triggers for Provoke are changed
-Removed minor bug with optimized doodads
Reviewing soon.

Bad Points:
Exactly like DoTa with different items and heroes.
Need a bit more heroes.
Abilities could use some more triggering.
I know this is Russian, but the grammar is stuffed.

Good Points:
Exactly like DoTa with different items and heroes.
Most heroes are original.
Most items are original.
Full english.
Good description.

You could add some screenshots and add more heroes. Other than that, good.

Well not the most original concept, but still pretty cool. 4/5, add some tweaks here and there and this map will be perfect.
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Level 3
Sep 9, 2009
More heroes?? Omg... I too like many heroes, but only SMotA "kills" me at that parameter now, isn't it? ))) But heroes will be more and more! ) Large thanks to review.
Thanks for suggestions, i shall take into account them... While small update:

Changelog from 1.4.3 to 1.4.4:
-New hero: Funny Raccoon
-New command -recontrol (use if you lose control as a result of rare bug. Must work)
-Some abilities of Scarab now more correctly works on Mechanical units
-Villain: Evil now has limit of 300
-Villain: Spear now doesn't damage buildings
-Villain: agility gain per lvl decreased to 2.5
-Villain: Evil now doesn't damages when hero are dead
-Librarian: Power of Knowledge now deals less damage
-Ice Witch: cooldown of "Ice Link" are decreased to 30/10
-Forest King: second and third abilities are improved
-Forest King: now can't use some items (see tooltip and use new command -f)
-Indiana: ultimate ability are changed
-Fixed some minor bugs with healing abilities
-New names and fun names
-Added new peoples to Credits, special thanks to all who hosting this map!
Level 1
Jan 26, 2010
The game play is entertaining and attractive. The spells run smoothly and are well polished. However, the game plays as a replication of DotA. Having a near identical terrain and similar creeps diminishes the game's originality. However, it is a good alternative to DotA.
Level 1
Jan 27, 2010
Really good map, but maybe we need suggestions for balance...
I agree with you.
(Eng)P.s. DarkArhiMage When there will be a TEST.
(Rus)P.s. Архи когда будет тест с Американцами ?
P.S.s. Sorry for my English.
Level 16
Nov 30, 2009
Description still lacks. Although it get better with the screenies. I know that this map is actually kinda good. But the description is still too short. Maybe make a direction on what does each mode does and some attractive things like:

"Battle as either a Hero of the Light or Darkness in this old-school AoS!
-Original Game Modes that has interesting effects!
-Level Requirement System!
-A Great Number of heroes to choose from!

"..." Indicates "And so on", which means other features of the map.

EDIT: Description is acceptable now (Although if I could rate it, I would give it a 2/5). If you want a better example of description, you can ask Pros on description like ap0calypse or Lag_Reviews.
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Level 3
Sep 9, 2009
Changelog from 1.5a to 1.52:

-New hero: Meligos, Essence Dragon
-New hero: Freddy, Monster

-Computer bot Living Mountain now more powerful

-Now neutrals are enemys to Legions
-Fixed minor error with attacking flying units
-Master of Sword: C/D of Wild Blink are reduced to 60/50, manacost to 100/90
-Absorber: AoE of ultimate are increased on 100 at all levels
-Absorber: now "Suicude" can be learned first time at lvl 4
-Gravitator: C/D of "Spin" increased on 2 at all levels
-Gravitator: C/D of "Gravity Madness" increased on 20 at all levels
-Anti-Mage: manacost of second ability increased on 30 at all levels
-Ethereal Lord: chance of "Spellcatch" increased on 10% at all levels
-Leech: C/D of "Level Down" are decreased to 60/50
-InfernoServant: Cripple and Seal of Doom now can be cast on mechanical units, Groundswing now casts only 1.5 sec
-Spirit of Vengeance: "Invisibility" now casts immediately
-Spirit of Vengeance: "Wave of Ignorance" now increases movement speed on 30% instead of 10%
-"Spear" now damages only 40% of Evil instead of 50%
-Now messages and sounds about "Double Kill" и "Triple Kill" works more correctly
-Mode "No Books" now activates as -nbo
-Added new peoples to Credits
Level 3
Sep 9, 2009
Updated today.

-New hero: Hyppo (Sapphira, fun name - Eragon, hotkey - V)
-New commands: -exton, -extoff (can be used only by host. Activates/deactivates Extreme Mode - +50% attack and movement speed to all non-neutral units).
-New mode: -tl xx (Tower Level XX).
-Some new triggers for hero revive (technical work)
-Monster: "Contact" ability remaked
-Wave Overmaster: first ability simply remaked
-Watermorph: Agility gain per lvl are increased from 2.1 to 3.1
-Troll-Shaman: "Energy Drain" now has C/D 90/30 instead of 90/90
-Bloodcaster: Strength gain per lvl are increased to 3.0 from 2.0; base armor - from 0 to 5
-Fixed some minor rarity bugs and errors in descriptions
I checked screenshots and must say that I don't like few things!

1st - That mage town/city/base or whatever is placed on forest/jungle terrain
Add more tiles
2nd - Some doodads are placed randomly (like rock on second picture)
Place more rocks at one place + add some shrubs or grass
3th - On first picture we can see black fog (Map border)
Resize map

I saw this only from screenshots, I will not rate map because I haven't tested it, fix few things with terrain first and then maybe I will give fine review!
Level 3
Sep 9, 2009
Changelog from 1.53 to 1.54:

-Fixed some minor bugs with Hyppo
-Mechanic: "Rocket Shock" now has 2300 distance, С/D decreased from 15 to 5
-Dark Treant: AoE of "Entangling Roots" are increased to 650 from 450
-Vampire: "Vampiric Teeth" are now Passive ability which gains 20% / 25% / 30% / 35% / 40% lifesteal (It isn't Orb Effect!)
-Smith: third ability now returns 50 gold for each destroyed item
-Spirit of Vengeance: "Wave of Ignorance" are Innate ability now. New second ability are Uncontrollable
-Sorceress: "Tranquility" now heals 40/80 life every second instead of 20/40
-Harpy Empress: "Deja Vu" ability are removed. New ability are "Feather Shield". Absolute analog of old Dark Shield of Queen of Pain
-Queen of Pain: "Dark Shield" ability are removed. New first ability are "Charm of Demons". Works like Shukuchi in DotA + additional backstab damage (Shukuchi + windwalk). C/D: 10/9/8/7/6, M/K: 80/100/120/140/160

-Lady Nothing: full remake! "Deleting" are Innate ability now; "Indifference" now usually skill;
"Lobotomy" and "Pain of Nothing" are changed, new ultimate spell - Blackhole

-New item: Boots of the Coward

-Playable size of the map are increased (suggestion of -Kobas- ;) )

-New mode: -tu (Turbo)
Level 2
May 21, 2010
i'm scared to die!!!!!!
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Level 4
Mar 12, 2008
I played solo with the tauren hero (ancient bull i guess it was his name) and i think that 35% damage reduction is little too strong.
Level 3
Sep 9, 2009
Maybe, but he is not very good damage dealer and his base movement speed are only 290.
Also, in Battle for Souls all heroes are stronger than in, for example, DotA Allstars...
But i can weaken that ability. I shall think. Thanks for suggestion.
Level 3
Sep 9, 2009
Changelog from 1.55a to 1.6:

-New command: -sn x. Changes nickname of player to x
-New command: -funroll
-Now usually icons for Attack and learning skills
-Now gold from leavers adds more correctly
-All Jewels now adds 25 damage to owner
-Shiny Titan now has 5 000 hit points and 100 hp regen/sec, but not invulnerable
-Fixed some bugs with items and item recipes. Sorry for that bugs. (

-Royal Knight changed to new hero Felhound
-New hero Mummy (Shidla, fun name - Blaik)

-Ethereal Lord: animation of attack are changed
-Ethereal Lord: second ability improved
-Wardmaster: fixed minor bud with Stasis Ward
-Villain: now has base vision of 1000
-Villain: "Sound Contempt" now increases vision to 1300/1600/1900/2200/2500
-Villain: new visual effect to third ability
-Quacker: fixed rarity bug with ultimate skill
-Boots of the Coward: C/D of ability now 100 seconds instead of 50
-Robber: new third ability "Ready to Battle"
-Soul Installer: casting range of "Create Copy" are 1200 now
-Death Knight: new icon for first ability and little remaking
-Death Knight: "Death Shield" now absorbs 100% of damage, but has a 2 seconds cooldown
-Death Knight: new icon for ability "Protective Aura"
-Obsidian Statue: new special effects for Krishna Sight
-Alchemist: effectivity of first ability are increased on 1% on each lvl.
-Alchemist: third ability now adds gold for each killed creep. +2 per lvl.
-NecroGhost: first ability now causes target to lose health if that target has no mana pool
-Tauren Chieftain: first ability now deals more damage with less cooldown
-Treant Keeper: +10 damage to all summoned Treants
-Treant Keeper: now has a 2 second collusion after third skill
-Amazon Siren: first ability now has cooldown 14 at all levels
-Pandaren Brewmaster: ultimate skill are improved
-Watermorph: Metamorphosis now also adds +12% attack speed per level of ability
-Spirit of Vengeance: new fun name Blue Lantern
-Dark Huntress: Lifesteal remaked
-Lady Nothing: Blackhole now grabs units immediately
-Priestess of the Moon: ultimate spell improved
-Thundergod: minor fix of ultimate spell
-Boots of the Coward: now can be used only by Heroes
Level 3
Sep 9, 2009
Latest changelog:

-Now jewels can be throwed on 1000 distance! Throwed jewels deals damage to enemies in the point on which was throwed. If Jewel throwed into the place, where creeps are spawned, it counts as a Goal (!) and jewel moves into random point in playable map area. Team with seven Goals automatically wins!

-New hero: Mortus, Wolfrider

-Now "Wild Weakness" from Atsilia lasts less time
-Scepter of Terror now can damage non-organic units with active ability. But damage of that ability are decreased on 10%.
-Mummy: Scimitar now has chance to stun only on 1.2 sec. instead of 1.5 at level 5
-Monster: new fun name Grand Mungo
-Monster: "Catnap" now decreases attack on 12% / 16% / 20% / 24% / 28% instead of 12% / 15% / 18% / 21% / 24%
-Now all abilities except by ultimates can be learned at level 1
-Spectre-Killer: base armor are increased from 1 to 3
-Felhound: icons of abilities "Run" and "Enthusiasm" are exchanged
-Watermorph: new USUALLY name Aqua Minerale
-Changed attack animation of some Darkness buildings
-Lycanthrope: base movement speed of all Wolves are increased from 350 to 370
-Felhound: Strength gain per lvl are increased to 2.4
-Daedra: Strength gain per lvl are increased from 3.1 to 3.4
-Spectre-Killer: Strength gain per lvl are increased from 2.0 to 2.3
-Villain: base armor are decreased to -1

-More optimization for netplay
Level 3
Sep 9, 2009
Update! Totally of 109 heroes now! All spells and icons are unique!

Latest changelog:

-New hero: Etlau, Cleric
-New hero: Rayden, Energy
-New tavern: Last Tavern (for each side)

-AI-Bots: Global Updates:
-Now bots can buy and use some items;
-Now leavers becomes computer bots. That bots doesn't buy new items.
-Now if computer kills a bot, part of messages doesn't show
-Guardian of Tranquility gains a new AI script

-Guardian of Tranquility: ability Coolness are changed
-Essence Dragon: "Magical Seed" now deals less damage
-Essence Dragon: "Flash" now adds or removes 125 mana per level instead of 100
-Essence Dragon: "Drought" now exhausts 20/40/60/80/100 mana per attack instead of 15/30/45/60/75
-Essence Dragon: "No-Brain" now removes mana with 60% / 90% speed instead of 70% / 100%
-Sound Tank: base attack C/D are 1.6 now instead of 1.4
-Ethereal Lord: manacost of "Mana Stop" are decreased to 10 and cooldown are removed
-Forest Princess: "Spirits of Forest" now heals greatly better
-Fat Corpse: AoE of Brand Strike are decreased from 350 to 300
-Queen of Pain: "Mass Miss" now works on buildings
-Autobot: Spark now damages on 80/85/90/95/100 damage instead of 20/40/60/80/100
-Spirit of Vengeance: new sound set
-Fixed abuse with Amulet of Clearing and some other "collectable" items
-No "arrow" animation now when shop select a hero
-Some triggers are changed (technical work again). Now map works greatly faster!
Still terrain is bad and gameplay can't be wonderful with bad terrain -.-'

  1. Replace summer tree wall doodads with ahenvale tree wall ones!
  2. Add more shrubs!
  3. Import animated grass and shrubs models from UTM 3.0 (animated grass 2 and animated shrub 1) (together below 50 KB)
  4. Import grass X doodad from High Res map (grass x 1/2/3 all are same :D) (don't know for sure but below 100 KB for sure)
  5. Add some flowers!
  6. import some plants from UTM 3.0 map again (large number of them sry can't write each one here :D)
  7. Add SPECIAL EFFECT doodads
  8. Add LIGHTNING EFFECT doodads

Do that and I will check your map and give more suggestions about terrain :razz:
Level 3
Sep 9, 2009
Kobas, thx for suggestions. Wait for next versions, maybe i release part of them...
To administrators: Velociraptor - my main nickname now, can anyone change my nickname on Hive Workshop, please?

Latest changelog:

-Starting gold are decreased from 1200 to 700
-Now, if Transformations are activated, heroes with changed control can't be transformed
-Now only one random hero transforms every minute in Transformations
-Some nonactive heroes, icons, triggers in map-body are removed
-Boots of the Coward are removed. Cowardice, which instantly teleports hero to base, are now Innate ability of all heroes (!) Cowardice teleports hero at the cost of 3 points of Armor. But if hero dies, he returns 3 points.
-Now Cowardice casts after 0.1 sec, not instantly
-Icon of Self-Perfection are changed and now will not show
-Now AI-bots gains +1 to all stats after death

-Snake Queen: +5 base armor
-Sun Dragon: base attack cooldown are decreased from 1.77 to 1.47
-Wardmaster: base damage of all Snake Wards are increased by 3
-Wardmaster: Ward Wisdom now also adds 8 intelligence per lvl
-Wardmaster: fixed minor bug with ultimate spell
-Gyrocopter: “Energy Jump” now repairs only on 0.05/0.1/0.15/0.2/0.25 of Agility
-Quacker: icon and model are changed
-Dominator: "Mushy Bodies" now works on all map
-Cuttingtorch: movement speed are increased from 306 to 336
-Cuttingtorch: third ability now deals 8/11/14/17/20 damage/second
-Cuttingtorch: "Absorb of Pain" now has 70 second cooldown at all levels
-Energy: "Connect" now can be used on buildings
-Energy: new visual effect for ability "Blast"
-Villain: Strength gain per level are decreased from 2.5 to 2.0
-Sorceress: ability Curse are changed to new ability Caleidoscope
-Sorceress: ability "Tranquility" now has no mana cost
-Sorceress: ability "Mana Shield" now has no cooldown
-Mechanic: Pozitron now lasts less time, but has greatly less cooldown
-Ancient Bull: fully new icon pack (thanks to respect_gg)

-Ice Sphere: active ability now has less range
-Sphere of Flame: now adds only +10 damage instead of +30
-Tsarekiller: chance to stun and deal additional damage now only 15% instead of 20%
Level 3
Sep 9, 2009
Changelog from 1.65 to 1.66

-New hero: Geodude, Earthman (hotkey - T)
-New item: Mana Boots

-Color of hero names are now green, non-default
-English version only: added some flowers, because you want it =)
-Now Roman Legionnaire, Lycanthrope, Prophet and Alchemist can use Cowardice in alternate forms

-Lady Nothing: base intelligence increased from 30 to 60, but intelligence gain per level decreased from 5.0 to 4.0
-Villain: ultimate spell optimized for netplay
-Guardian of Tranquility: base attack C/D are decreased from 2.0 to 1.4
-Ancient Bull: cooldown of "Circled Strike" are decreased on 10 at all levels
-Refresher Sphere: little reworking
-Dwemer Illusion Hammer: illusions now deals only 50% of damage
-Eternal Slave: now AI workers builds towers not so fast
-Mummy: now ultimate works no more than one time in 2 sec (instead of 1.5)
-Inquisitor: "Wrath of Light" now has cooldown 5 and less manacost at all levels

-Fixed minor bug with first spell of Cleric and innate ability Cowardice
-Fixed minor bug with Last Strike buff
-Fixed some desync errors (!!!) with pan camera, TriggerSleepAction, Map Initialization, day and nightStart hosting map again =)
Level 4
Nov 11, 2009
i played 1.65 of this map and it is too laggy... however i do like the map itself a lot... or however much i could play until everyone ragequit bc of lag (probably not my comp tho)
Level 3
Sep 9, 2009
I really want to optimize map even on not very might computers and works on that in new version, with removing most of hard triggers and systems, which are not very important.

-Now only three melee creeps are spawned, but that creeps now has 10 more damage and 150 more maximum health. Sometimes creeps and AI bots stops for a brief period of time. IT'S NOT A BUG! It's part of new trigger-system, for optimize a map.

-Removed damage indication system
-Removed credit system
-Lady Nothing: fixed hotkeys
-Now after winning leavers can leave without changing to AI bots

-New hero: Akalistic, Mantas (hotkey - Y) 111 HEROES NOW TOTAL.

-Gyrocopter: base attack C/D are increased to 1.7
-Indiana: damage from Anomaly's damaging lightning are increased
-Tauren Chieftain: third ablility now doesn't damage buildings
-Polar Bear: ultimate spell now doesn't damage buildings
-Inquisitor: triggers of second spell are optimized
-Mechanic: Pozitron are changed to new ability Pozitrons
-Now most triggered abilities for attack doesn't work whenever attacked unit is an ally

-Fixed minor bug with first skill of Energy
-Fixed minor bug with alternate forms of some heroes
-Removed funny bug with Skiavona
-Fixed rare bug with multiboard
-Optimization: some Wait Game-Time are removed, testing now!
Level 2
Sep 29, 2010
this map is bugged cant play more than 6 players .... i try it for 5 times 5 times it kick to leave 2 players only
Level 3
Sep 9, 2009
I work under optimization and balance more and more... Testing now!

-Hero "Soul Installer" are removed
-New hero Miss Card

-Removed skin and old icon of Daedra

-Dark Huntress: now third ability drains 5 less life at all levels
-Dark Huntress: cooldown of Fatality are increased on 50 at all levels
-Quacker: now has limit in 900 agility
-Mummy: "Runes of Last Word" now deals only 33 damage for each rune
-Daedra: icon of second skill are changed (thanks to respect_gg)
-Smith: new visial effects and two new icons (thanks to respect_gg)
-Treant Keeper: Innate ability are removed
-Felhound: "Run" now ends when hero attacks instead of gains a order
-Obsidian Statue: "Krishna Sight" now has no manacost
-Robber: ability "Bard" are changed
-Eternal Slave: towers now are not buildings, but aura works on towers
-Mantas: base damage from Touch Twice are increased on 30 at all levels
-Passed Troll: fixed minor bug in description
-Undead King: new usually name Faust
-Wardmaster: ultimate spell now adds 20/40 intelligence
-Gryphon Rider: base attack C/D are increased from 1.34 to 1.54
-High Shade: ultimate spell now can be used on allies
-Some AI heroes: some abilities now works more correctly )
-Removed Donations in description =)
-Now our site on preloading screen
-Technical work: fixed some triggers with camera, optimized some other triggers
Level 2
Sep 29, 2010
good it is great , ppl dl is faster now congrats but the 3 vs 3 or more there ppl dc i think you need to solve that problem
from 1 vs 1 can to (due to less lagg)2 vs 2 it is a great improvement in speed in garena