Barrier Shield

This bundle is marked as awaiting update. A staff member has requested changes to it before it can be approved.
I found some shield models on hive but they didn't really look how I wanted. Fortunately Spell Steal had this neat spherical geoset that I could just slap a glow on and scale up.

The model spins slowly, z-locked so that it's independent of the unit's facing.

Has "medium" and "large" animations.

EDIT 14/08/2022 - fixed order of animations. shouldn't affect anything on latest but supposedly could have caused issues on older patches. also toned down white shield a little.

Blue (Model)

Green (Model)

Lightblue (Model)

Roses are red, so is this model, min chars is 4. (Model)

Turquoise (Model)

White (Model)

Yellow (Model)

You can still try to fix the issues detected by Hive's Sanity Checker (example; Missing origin points warnings can be neglected in this case) to further optimize the model files. Also as already mentioned, please increase the sphere's polygons as they...