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Concrete Barriers

Command and Conquer style wall pieces.

Like the gif? Here is a map with the trigger in it (vJass).
Concrete Barrier Trigger Map

  • Added TC Texture Alternative
  • Added variants for each direction
  • Added death particle emitter
  • Made mesh start over the ground in birth animation (Doing otherwise causes human build to fail)
  • Fix collision boxes (They were inverted)
  • Added missing camera for T-piece

Special thanks to General Frank for helping me with the models normals and Retera for his awesome tool.

wall, barrier, concrete, modern, barricade, red alert, tiberium sun

Concrete Barrier - Horizontal (Model)

ConcreteBarrier - Corner - North East (Model)

ConcreteBarrier - Corner - North West (Model)

ConcreteBarrier - Corner - South East (Model)

ConcreteBarrier - Corner - South West (Model)

ConcreteBarrier - Cross Section (Model)

ConcreteBarrier - End - East (Model)

ConcreteBarrier - End - North (Model)

ConcreteBarrier - End - South (Model)

ConcreteBarrier - End - West (Model)

ConcreteBarrier - T-Section - East (Model)

ConcreteBarrier - T-Section - North (Model)

ConcreteBarrier - T-Section - South (Model)

ConcreteBarrier - T-Section - West (Model)

ConcreteBarrier - Vertical (Model)

ConcreteBarrier Texture (Texture)

Team Color Texture (Texture)

An amazing pack of modern walls with various configurations. Works in-game. Approved!
Level 4
May 19, 2020
That's perfect, it really is a revolutionary wall-building system for WC3. I was tired of having walls always pre-existing on maps. lol
Congratulations!!! 05/05
Now the situation that remains, as it would be performed by an AI (computer), it would be necessary a new specific trigger system for the intelligent realization.
Could you build Orc and Human walls from WarCraft II? That'll be awesome!
BTW, awesome job!!
Oh yes, TC concrete wall for my Age of Humanity !!!
Could you make variants for other epochs ?
I considered a mix of these, so that one could both be used for pre-historic humans and orcs (Wooden spike wall), and medieval humans (Stone wall).
I considered a mix of these, so that one could both be used for pre-historic humans and orcs (Wooden spike wall), and medieval humans (Stone wall).
Is it possible for you <for someone else> to animate the birth and death animations for both orcishnand human walls, so we see bricks respectively being stacked and torn down? Because that'll be cool if that's done.