Concrete Cliff

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A custom concrete cliff for modern maps, this does not replace the normal ingame cliffs, but allows you to build your own cliffs using premade pieces made to resemble concrete. Each piece is made to fit together.

Feel free to change textures, etc. etc.

Textures from:

Update 1:
  • Added Hard Corners
  • Merged Inner and outer soft corners
  • Added backside to the cliff, just incase someone needs that.
  • Added pathing textures
Update 2:
Added Hard Corners
  • Added collision shapes to everything except the ramp. Fear it would screw with units walking on it acting as if it were a giant cube.

10x10FloorHalfPath (Texture)

10x10FloorPath (Texture)

4x6ConcreteWallPath (Texture)

6x6HardCornerPath (Texture)

6x6SoftCornerPath (Texture)

8x22RampPath (Texture)

Concrete Cliff (Model)

Concrete Cliff Corner Hard (Model)

Concrete Cliff Corner Soft (Model)

Concrete Floor (Model)

Concrete Floor Half (Model)

ConcreteRamp (Model)

General Frank
Works in-game and performs well. Good job.