Baron Rivendare

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WOW Character Baron Rivendare.

Based on WC3 HeroDeathKnight.

* Changes:
- changed hairstyle to ponytail
- sharpened eyebrows
- added eyeglows
- added black scarf
- added hairband
- changed cape's color to indigo
- modified shoulder plate and added skull decorations
- modified body armor and gloves into purplish colored one
- equiped Rivendare's Runeblade(Custom Texture x1)

- added horse eyeglows
- added effects around horse's feet

* Edit 1:
- changed body armor
- changed cape texture
- changed Runeblade using in-game textures

- modified effects around horse's feet a bit

hmm..Runeblade doesn't look like the original one, but it still is a sword though.. LOL

* Edit2:
- added portrait, portrait talk animation

It's open source so feel free to use & edit, no need to Credit me.

Baron Rivendare (Model)

General Frank
An interesting, small and handy edit. Works in-game and performs adequate.
Level 9
Jun 27, 2010
Sweet. There's already a Lady Blaumeux model on the Hive, now all we need is Sir Zeliek and Thane Korth'azz models to complete the Four Horsemen :)
Level 7
Jun 26, 2010
Good model, but I don't like the sword. Maybe you should give him the standard WC3 DK one, that'd fit a lot better since the Baron doesn't carry a lightsaber.