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Ban .bmps?

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Level 14
Nov 25, 2004
Why are .bmp images allowed on this site? it only provokes noobs to upload their 'lovely' terrains as six 1MB each .bmp files. Can't we just stick to .jpg, .gif and .png, all three offering efficient compression?

oh and not sure about firefox and internet explorer, but in opera, to see a .bmp attachment, I need to DOWNLOAD the image first. That's stupid -_-

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 64
Jan 18, 2005
I dont care, it should only take 3 secs to load on my conection.

However that is server bandwith, so I recomend that maybe some kind of auto compress script. It would be demanding but would be better than hading all that server load caused by people viewing the images.

Anyway, jpg at 1% compression or less is near lossless and still 1/4 or less of the size.
Level 11
Feb 18, 2004
Kaitech[SanD];476898 said:
JPGs lose detail BIG TIME, if you need to post a picture of a skin, then you need all the colour...

JPEGs use a lossy compression. However, the ammount of detail lost depends on the ammount you compress it. A very lowly compressed JPEG is still very close to the origional, while being much smaller. Whereas you can also heavily compress a JPEG, making it look like complete crap, but be even smaller.

JPEG is by far the best format for posting screenshots and all such things. GIF and PNG are better then bitmaps, but not by the margin JPEG is. (Even at lower levels of compression.)
Level 15
Nov 1, 2004
As an additional note:

If JPEG at 100% is not good enough for you (your eyes are amazing if you can see the difference), then please use a 24-bit PNG. PNG is basically a bitmap of sorts that is compressed with zlib deflate compression. It will give you 100% quality, and a reduced size.
Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
What about TGA? It can't even be viewed on the site. I hate when people post them. Ban it so people have to post viewable pictures.
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