Azretial Wars:Campaign and Cinematic Needs help

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Sep 22, 2004
Campaign name Azretial Wars.Look this will be a sweet cinematic and campaign but I'll need help to do both of em.SO please anybody who can do anything on the WE come and help me.
I need Terrainers,Triggerers,Modlers somebody who can do the Music.Maybe Voice acters,Someone who can do backgrounds and many more.

Ok here's the story for the cinematic.

Takes place a 100 years after the Lich Kings rebirth.And he's got his eye's fixed on Azeroth.But wait there's more somewhere in the shadows a familiar hero lurks between the shadows hopeing to get his revenge,becuase of his defeat at Icecrown.

Our Hero's name is Mitherial Darkinblade,A new recruit within the kings army.He will become one of Ner'zhul's most feared enemy's but right now he does'nt even know how to hold a sword.

Mitherial Background:This young warrior's parents were slaugthered by Ner'Zhul's minions while he was out harvesting the crops.When he got home he found a dying father on the floor,asking him for revenge on those who have done this to their family.

Another hero is Lucan Darkstrike,a feared assasin from Stormwind.At first he and Mitherial have their struggels but later on they find out just how alike they really are.

Lucan Backround:His father was the owner of a local Thieves Guild.And that meant Lucan was bound to be around the wrong people.When Lucan turned 13 an Assasin aproached him,Lucan found out his father sold him to the Assasins Guild for 3 Gold coins.Then when Lucan turned 19 he was the most fearsome Assasin in the city.He also got a new quest one that he would enjoy very much,killing his father the same one who sold him.Lucan did his job well but was also set up.The Army was waiting for him outside once his quest was done.So they got hold of him and promised him freedom if he was to join the army.

Well thats the Cinematic part now comes the Campaign wich will be alot like the Rexxar Capaign allowing you to switch trough the maps.

Capaign's Story

Mitherial awakens in a garden.Except he does'nt know who he is or how he got here.A man comes and take him to a local inn.And tell him sleeping in the Royal Gardens is punishible by death.You should be more careful with what you do.He hands him 100 gold pieces and leaves the inn.As time progresses so does Mitherial's Memories.Now go out and shape you're destiny.And maybe you could save the world.

Ok people thats about it.So please help me make it cuz it does sound cool eh!!!
Now post here if you're willing to help
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