Revenge of the Blademaster cinematic

Level 15
Jul 9, 2008
im goin to be making a Cinematic about a Blademaster who wants Revenge for the death of his father.

The Story line is
when the Blademaster was young his father was killed by Garins the human king but he escaped a troll chieftan the same person who trained his dad trains him. and now the Blademaster is after Granis to kill him.

what im asking for is suggestions for me to add in this to make the story line better. also what to add for my trailer for the cinematics im about to make with this story line. i want the trailer to give out the whole story line like people do when there are adds on tv for new movies

after i finish the trailer i will start making the cinematic


  • Revenge of the blademaster - trailer 1.w3x
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