AVP MOD looking for modelers/skinners

Level 1
Aug 19, 2004
I am currently Working on an Alien Versus Predator Mod and I am in desperate need of modelers/skinners. I would like to request for people to, if they can, make a Predator model (Different than the one on this site already) with multiple skins for different types of predators (IE Melee, Guns, etc). Also, I have been Using AlienAntFarm's Alien Drone model, and was able to modify it in the world editor to look like a runner, but I need someone to make a model/skin for both a Praetorian and a Queen.
(If i get enough support we may be able to implement the entire mod as a TC instead of a mini-mod, and include buildings, facehuggers, chestbursters, pred-aliens, and colonial marines 8) )
Thanks again for your support,
The Wood 8)
Contact Me at [email protected] if you wish to help, thanks again.