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Attacks Go THrough Walls

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Level 2
Feb 5, 2008
Well in my map one unit can attack every unit on map ( Thats figured out)
ANd that works. However I want it to Home in (Thats FIgured too :p )

The map has terrain like cliffs And Ice Walls but unfortunaetly THe Attack Flies Through THem, Also The attack flies REALLY high and im wondering how to make it stay ground level.

In all I wanna no How to stop attack from going through walls & how to make it stay ground LVL
Level 18
Aug 13, 2007
About the high flying.

Do you mean it makes a big arc? Like the rocket on this pic? Okay. Go to the Object Editor, find "Combat - Attack 1 - Projectile Arc" and set it to 0.

The missle arc is the angle, from which the missle is fired. The value is in % multiplied by 90°. If you set it for example to 50, it will be 50%*90° = 45°. I write this to make you better understand the missle arc.

About the walls, I wonder too... If I find a solution, I'll post it.


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Level 40
Dec 14, 2005
Well... In GUI, it basically boils down to moving an unselectable (locust ability) unit with the Move Unit (Instantly) command on a very rapid interval (preferrably with a timer).

A more detailed explanation would take much longer. Possibly look for some examples in the Spells section, or maybe in the Spells&Systems forum.
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