[Attachement Request] Staves

Level 2
Jun 5, 2008
Hi, im kerramth, and i'm currently working on an RPG with flly interchangeable characters, no class system but purchaseable skills and item attachements to make your char look/fight how you want.

I've hit a bit of a wall with the magical side of things, i've serched about a fair bit, but only found a few staff attachements, and im not too good at modelling, so eres what i would like.

I've viewed the stave-wielding models of Wc3+x and found some to be suitable for what i'd like. The staves are :

Troll Witch Doctor's Staff
Undead Necromancer's Staff
Nelf Druid of the Talon's Staff
Human Priest's Staff
Human Chaplain's Staff (Campaign Model)

I would prefer if these staves did not have death animations if possible.

Thank you in advance