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this ancient forrest have been fought over centuries, due to unknown reason's the elves have abondoned there homeland leaving a vast amount of resurces to the lucky ones who settles

STOP complayning about the descrip,´
i dont have an imagination

warcraft3, ashenvale, skirmish, melee,

Ashenvale (Map)

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22:45, 17th Jan 2011
Map Status: Rejected
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(Map) Presentation
Level 4
Jan 15, 2009
well... its first of all a melee map so there aitn soppused to be SMART triggers and AWESOME effects... and the fact that this is my ''FIRST'' map i think its pretty good... you do have the right to upload as long as you are prepared for it to be taken down
Level 8
Aug 18, 2008
Well, even for a first map this is awful. I will try and give you some useful hints about tile variation.
The pictures below is taken from my map development thread (

Since we both use Ashenvale Tile I thought my tile variation would perhaps give you some useful ideas.
This is what I do
"Leaves" and "Lumpy Grass" below trees
Then → "Grass" on the outskirts of the trees followed by → "Grassy Dirt" followed by → Dirt/Rough Dirt.
I also like to add some "Grassy Dirt (Sunken Ruins) below all the Neutral Passive Buildings.
Not saying that my tile variation is the best, but it's definatly an improvement from your current non-existent tile variation.


Doing that will prevent your map from looking like it does now.
However your map need a lot more things before it could even be accepted.
Your map lacks the following:
Neutral Passive Buildings: Goblin Merchant, Goblin Laboratory, Fountain of Health/Mana, Dragon Roostery, Mercenary Camp, Tavern or Marketplace.
You also need a lot more Gold Mines to be placed onto the map.

Neutral Hostile item drops (balanced item drops)
Neutral Hostile units (Red and Orange "dots" that drop better items)

A good description, list of BB codes can be found here
Nicely placed Doodads.
Also very important use the "raise" and "lower" tool on the map to create a terrain that is not flat.

Highly suggest you place the player Red in the northeast corner of the map for this map.

A tip
Take a look at the maps made by Blizzard that uses the Ashenvale tile.
Try and mimic their style as much as possible without copying it. It will give you a satisfying result.
Level 16
Jan 31, 2009
For a melee/altered melee map you MUST have atleast two goldmines per player on the map. If you take time and look at those other melee maps on the Hive, you'll learn a few things from the terraining to where you place your creeps at places where it'll be effective for your map along with what you should drop for each level type monster. Here's a list of BB Codes for you description; it can tell us how many goldmines on the map, item types, creep camps, screenshots, etc.
Level 22
May 11, 2004
Just open some of Blizz's melee maps already in your directories and see how they did theirs. Melee maps are basically just limited terrain maps these days. If the terrain is not at least eye appealing, then they're pretty much worthless. I suggest learn from the experts. There's a lot of nice blizzard Ashenvale melee maps with ideal texture and doodad variation examples.

As for the description, you could also add screenshots and the such.
Level 3
Jul 4, 2010
Doesn't look like you have a lot of building space to start off with. Also try and group more creeps together so you can get the hero to lvl up faster without going on a wolf hunt. The gold mines in the north east and north west have a lot of things surrounding them making it hard for you to set up a base (ex: Lake,Giant Tree,Buildings). With that being said I do like the placement of environmental stuff (ex:Mushrooms,Trees,Grass).

I would recommend moving the tavern closer to the middle and scrapping or altering the lake to the northwest because it takes up space and there is no point in going there.


Created by tysej4 ; Uploaded by: tysej4

Terrain is very weak for melee map!
There are no item drops.
Map isn't symmetrical/balanced well!

Uploaded:19:14, 2nd Dec 2010
Last Updated:19:14, 2nd Dec 2010

It's sad to see that you didn't even try to make any progress after so many helpful comments (Thanks guys), just check Zpider comment above, he killed himself lost half hour/hour to try to help you!


Please if you decide to improve map just update this one and send message to us, we will unlock thread for you once again!
Map status: Rejected

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Status: Rejected
Level 4
Jan 15, 2009
Hey i did change it due to the comments, it was only a map for terrain Not melee, it was never soppused to be played as a melee map. And personaly i think that the inconstensy works with a ashenvale as its a forest, Meant the to look like a forest not like some kind of symmetric battle map