Arrow Key Movement Animation Woes.

Level 1
May 13, 2009
So I've been messing around with Arrow Key movement systems (Specifically Tig_r's) and have edited it to a point to where I have a strafing system in place.

Only problem is that it uses move unit instantly actions for the strafing triggers, which halt the animations of my unit. Is there any way around this without redoing the entire strafe system?

Another problem I've run into is that when I give my unit an ability to cast he will get interrupted thanks to the movement system constantly giving him commands. The way I got around this was to just stop running the movement key triggers until the ability was cast, but now that I've added other players I notice this was a really reeeeealllly bad idea. Again, it seems as though I might have to retrigger the entire movement system in order to get this to work, or make the abilities work off of individual triggers themselves.

I know that there are some abilities that can be cast on the move and do not interrupt the movements of a unit, could anyone point me into the direction where I can make my unit's abilities have these properties?

Any advise would be appreciated on this matter.