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[General] Armor type and attack type damage reduction

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Hosted Project: EC
Level 34
Oct 12, 2011
I hope the question is clear enough:
Is damage reduction based on attack type x armor type applied after or before the original damage (pure value) is reduced by armor value?

To make it more clear, let's make the case:
- Unit a deals 10 damage to unit b.
- Unit a has attack type of spell.
- Unit b has armor type of medium.
- Attack type of spell deals 125% damage against medium armor type.
- Unit b has armor value of 1, so the reduction would be 5% (estimation).

The question:
Is the 125% damage factor applied after or before the 10 damage is reduced by 5%?

Dayum, I'm so silly. No matter how's the order, the result would be the same. Case solved. I'm sorry.
Not open for further replies.