Arkain - Model Pack Series 1

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The Lore
The great, the awesome, the legendary Shar Dundred has asked me to make a model for his great project The Legends of Arkain. I made one and Shar was very happy with it. I made more and I learned a lot making these models and it brought me back and closer to the core of wc3 modding.

Models in this pack are:

Man-At-Arms - A foot soldier that looks 'less armoured and more heavily armoured at the same time'. Based on the footman model with additional animations and goodies edited onto it.
Infantry Sergeant - A leader of the Men-At-Arms.
Knight of Kome - Heavily armoured mounted warrior that uses a giant blade to destroy his enemies. Based on the DeathKnight model with additional animations such as Decay animations and other goodies.
Knight of Kome Commander - Mounted nobility and fearless leaders of the Knights.
Prosecutor - A frontline unit that crushes everything under its hammer. Based on the Paladin model.
Update: 20th June 2021: Now all models have working ribbons emitters.

Again, special thanks to Shar Dundred for pushing my skills to the limit and making me enjoy these models.


Arkain, legend, legends, Frankster, Frank, General Frank, General, Generals, metal[/box]

Man-At-Arms (Model)

Man-At-Arms Portrait (Model)

Man-At-Arms Icons (Icon)

Infantry Sergeant (Model)

Infantry Sergeant Portrait (Model)

Infantry Sergeant Icons (Icon)

Knight of Kome (Model)

Knight of Kome Icon (Icon)

Knight of Kome "Hate" Icon (Icon)

Knight of Kome Commander (Model)

Knight of Kome Commander Icon (Icon)

Mighty Swords Attachment (Model)

Prosecutor (Model)

Prosecutor Portrait (Model)

Prosecutor Icon (Icon)

A nice themed pack of troops. Works in-game. Approved!
Level 19
Mar 28, 2015
Excellent models. Shar did the right thing by asking for your aid!!

It is a damn shame, though, that we will slaughter all those that have such beautiful models, in such gruesome way that it is very unlikely that we will have the chance to play with them later on :xxd:
Level 7
Mar 16, 2013
Can you include Joia's model too? And are you gonna add more soon? Big thanks for sharing. Love the models