[Arena] The Forsaken

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Jun 3, 2008
The Forsaken

So this is the thread I'm making that will have everything to do with my new arena map. These are the things I have worked out that will be in the map.

Green = Completed.
Yellow = In Progress.
Red = Not Started.

- 1v1, Team and FFA Duels.
- No Team Attacking.
- Triggered Spells.
- Team and FFA Game Modes.
- Over 20 Heroes.
- Over 100 Items.
- Item Restrictions.
- All Pick and All Random Modes.
- Alliance Switching.
- Kick System.
- Rematch System.
- Neutral Creeps.
- Diverse Terrain.
- Soloing.
- Quake Sounds.
- Weather Effects.
- Custom Models, Skins, Icons, Interface, Loading Screen Armor-Types and Attack-Types.
- Arena Boss.
- Random Events.
- Music System.
- Story Cinematic.
- Assist System.
- Combination Items.
- Hero Repicking.
- Neutral Creep Handicaps (Difficulty Modes).
- Anti-Camp.
- Leaver Gold Split.
- Auto-Team Balancing.
- Mercenary Hire (Needs Tweaking).
- Income.
- Bounty.
- Attatchment System.
- Multiboard.
- Kills To Win.

As you can see, it's a pretty diverse map which means I will need much help with it.

What I need is:

- Experienced Terrainer.
- Jass/GUI Guru.
- Model and Icon Maker
- Storywriter (Small Job)
- Idea Factory (Everyone)

Experienced Terrainer

I need someone who can provide images of their previous work. They must be decently skilled.

Jass/GUI Guru

I'm leet skeet with GUI but I can work with it to an extent. But this is just out of my tank. Most of the stuff for the map needs to be written in Jass or really clean cut GUI with no leaks. Which I can't do. Needs to be able to make custom spells.

Model and Icon Maker

Needs to be able to work with photoshop and other modeling programs.


Must be able to write an innovative yet believable story for the map. Anyone can do this so you can either PM me your story or post it in the thread.

Idea Factory

Everyone really can help with this. It can be from ideas for the map to a new hero or abilities for current ones, which I don't have many of. But I'm working on it!

Heroes So Far

Basically here are the heroes so far that I have come up with. These are their unit names not their actual proper names:

Agility -

Castigar (Close Combat Hero)
Enforcer (Neutral, Doesn't have a side. Sabotages other teams.)
Fiend (Offensive Hero *High Damage, Low Armor*)
Guardian (Defensive Hero *Low Damage, High Armor*)
Infiltrator (Assassin Hero)
Rover (Deciding)
Watchman (Deciding)

Strength -

Judas (Long Range Assault Hero)
Rumbler (Basically Charge 'em and hit hard type of Hero *Low Armor, Mega High HP*)
Striker (Deciding)
Warden (Deciding)
Hydrofoil (Water-Type Hero)

Intelligence -

Mastiff (Booby Trap Hero)
Blackstar (Demolitions Hero)
Banshee (Disabling Magic Hero)
Shadowhand (Dark Magic Hero)
Skulk (Support Hero)
Voodun (Voodoo Spells Hero)

Hero Abilities

(this is the basis of a hero, likely to change though)

1x Active Ability
1x Passive/Aura
1x Default Ability
1x Ultimate Ability
1x Active or Passive/Aura
1x Train Stats

Items Equipable

1x Head Item
1x Torso Item
1x Leg Item
1x Hand Item
1x Foot Item
1x Necklace or Ring or Cloak


Terrain So Far:


The Team

Initial Concept and Team Leader - Ub3r_
Terrainer - Don
Jass/GUI Guru - FrozenShadow and staskax
Model and Icon Maker - Daskunk
Storywriter - thewrongvine

MSN/E-Mail: [email protected]
xFire: fearthejosh

Post away!

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Level 2
Jun 3, 2008
Anyway, it looks like a pretty cool map. Loads of special stuff and the heroes look very fun to play :D.
I wish you luck in you map making and if you could give some screenies it would be great XD.
PS: I think I heard the name "Judas" somewhere before

Haha thanks for the support :p If anyone wants to be the model/icon maker PM me here, post here, pm at th or post in that thread thats linked at the bottom.
Level 2
Jun 3, 2008
This looks really cool! Maybe post some more shots of the terrain so we can see it better. Overall, sounds like a good idea.

Haha not goinng to show what the final product looks like just yett. At the moment about 90% of the terraining is done and about 10% of the triggering (lol). I'm still looking for someone who can make skins/models/icons/loading screens/minimap previews/interfaces. I really want to customize this map and make it look more unique than the rest of the arena maps.