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Arcing Flame (high particle count)

A fiery missile I made some time ago. It spirals as it flies through the air and looks great when it uses a high missile arc.
Made it with four emitters to make it look more fluid (compared to only one emitter, the size went up by only 1kb). I tried to lower the particle count but it looked a bit... meh ^^
Used Oinkerwinkle's geosphere primitive for the tip.
Enjoy, give credit if you use it and I await your criticism.

Update #1: Noticed that there were 3 geospheres overlapped, can't remember why but I removed the unnecessary ones and altered the wrap.

Fire, Spiral, Twirl, Missile, Fireball, Flame, Spin, Arc

Arcing Flame (high particle count) (Model)

20:41, 24th Feb 2010 DonDustin: simple, but looks nice ingame




20:41, 24th Feb 2010
DonDustin: simple, but looks nice ingame
Level 10
Apr 18, 2009
Excellent model! Works fine as a missile as well as a firebolt ability. I really like missiles and effects and this one certainly not disappointed me. =)
Level 3
Feb 5, 2010
Ok, I didn't test it yet but can you tell me if it is as I think? I mean spiraling missle? If so then it's super cool :))