Archimonde Reforged

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Just a recolor skin of Archimonde.I don't like color of Archimonde in Reforged,it look more purple so I decide to change him look like Wow( gray-blue ) and I realy like the new color

Archimonde Classic Color (Texture)

Archimonde Classic Color Icon (Icon)

Archimonde Icon (Icon)

Archimonde Reforged (Texture)

Pauldron (Texture)

Level 4
Aug 15, 2022
It just a texture , if you want to replace this texture of archimonde with original texture, you just import the texture with right then it will be done( you can see "Import path" in the texture I uploaded)
oh I see , thank you sir for telling me, I did not even think to look at that, again thank you sir