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Archer Model

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I'm starting a new prohect called WATB: When Angels Tasted Blood... it's an RPG campaing where the player can choose from 6 diferent classes.
Basicaly i am trying to use a single multi animated model for all classes, but for that i was in need of an inventorry system.

Well, i think that i'll never find a GUI inventory system that really works well... So i am thinking about using diferent models... But i'm missing some of them.

To beggin with, i'm in need of an male human archer model that uses a texure similar to the wc bandit.
He would be some archer guy from the desert, so i don't think that any archer model i've found here would fit with their plated or scaled armors >.>
For a desert archer, i think that a cloth texture would fit better.

Thanks a lot for anyone who can help
I'll give +rep for the model, and if you want to join the project you're welcome.

whanna check the project thread? Go here
Here's a link to an archer model made by HappyTauren...
It's seems to fit your description of a Bandit textured Archer...

Human Archer

Thanks Wandering Soul, i've already checked that one... It would be perfect if not for his's armor.
It's scale armor, and i was in need of a cloth texture.
But anyway, thank you. +rep

I'll create the project recruitment thread soon, so everyone who wanna joint it cant post there. Just to prevent off topic here.
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