Mounted Archer Model

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Level 9
Jan 12, 2010

I was looking around trying to find a horse mounted archer for a project I am doing at the moment, but I can't find any I like among the hive sizable archive.

The only one I liked was a very old model by kaycei, which is a high elf archer mounted on the Archmage's horse, it would be perfect if not for the horse being too tall compared to other mounted units, and the out of place hero glow, as intended her as a unit not a hero.

This all being said I was wondering if someone could make a mounted high elf archer.

I'd like her horse to be noticeably less armored than a knights horse if possible, and her slightly more armored, to make her look a bit more unique. It would be nice also if she still used to the High Elf Archer skin, so by changing that skin on the Archer I could change hers as well, but it’s not necessary if it causes too many problems in making the model.


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