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Arcane Tower

Arcane Tower made due Hive Olympics(that failed).
I wanted to add lightning on the Stand Work animation but i don't have time and patience for wc3 modding anymore...

Give a credit if you use it in your map and don't edit it without my permission!

tower, wizard, arcane, magic, human

Arcane Tower (Model)

18:08, 22nd Nov 2008 Pyritie: Looks good and works ingame.




18:08, 22nd Nov 2008
Pyritie: Looks good and works ingame.
Level 31
Feb 23, 2008
Bad points:

1. Poly count is a bit high for a tower. But it is acceptable.

2. The rock needs some help. It should be a gray rock. That way it can go with multiple terrains.

Good points:

1. Well made mesh. A lot of detail.

Overall: 4/5 'Good'

Bob's additional notes:

Skrab, a nice model indeed. But, I suggest you do something about that darned rock. It is very pinkish. And seems to stand out amongst the terrain.

Sincerely, Bob.