Arabian farm

This bundle is marked as awaiting update. A staff member has requested changes to it before it can be approved.
Arabian farm. Simple design, continuation of arabian buildings pack.

Changelog: 1.00 - model uploaded.
1.01 - changed basement to more detailed.
1.02 - added one more animation (Mill).
1.03 - added field.
1.04 - fixed according review.

Arabian farm (Model)

General Frank
There are some minor bugs in this model you might want to fix before I can approve it: Sanity Test | HIVE
Level 28
Jan 1, 2013
The building looks very nice and reminds me of Mike's style. However, i think the base is a bit too square and looks mostly like a giant slab of sandstone. You might want to soften it up to make it look more natural.

Thats good suggestion. I will improve it later.
Absolutely lovely : )
The rake is a bit big though.

Ow and perhaps you made a little mistake by hiding the geoset of the brick wall on the Stand Upgrade First animation (but it may come from the 'View in 3D' thing).

In this viewer it for some reason not show. I checked in game? it seems works correctly.
Level 28
Jan 1, 2013
I'm not very familiar with Middle Eastern crop plantation, but I'm pretty sure that they didn't plant theirs in sand. And it doesn't really look that nice either, I don't know perhaps using the same texture of dirt from your Western Farms?
Yes, they didnt. For this time i used type, because it looks most appropriate. I will change as soon as better idea come to me)
I will probably make eastern watermill too)
Nice !

You may base your model on the Anno 1404 models of big and small noria.

You sure cannot get the same level of detail with warcraft but the design is really really cool.

By the way, these pictures made me think :
Instead of putting that big "square" of sand at the bottom of each of your building (which I don't really like since it's hard to make it match with a maximum of tiles/environments), should you not rather make a few ground textures (for different building size) ? I think it would make your buildings would blend in more easily in their environment when placed on a map (at the cost of a few ko ofc)
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While the idea is nice and it is useful, the texture work in this is really poor. The walls are very bland, every face has the same tone, same texture - that looks specially bad at the stone fences. The field mesh ends up being very rough in-game, and doesn't look natural enough, and that dirt rectangle where you put the crops have really strong edges.

What is good in it texture-wise are the extras, the jars, the cart, the rake, the doors, and the sand bricks do fit the house kinda well. The wooden terrace looks good (That's what you should aim at other faces - it has definition, a proper resolution, and blends well in WC3 environment).

It does work in-game. It doesn't 'decay' as WC3 buildings, but it's fine. You could spread sprite attachments better (put 1 or 2 on the fence too). And well, the required fix is improving the texturing issues mentioned above. Awaiting update.