Appointed Moderator Guide

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Jun 30, 2016

Once you approve a contest in the arena, you take responsibility over it, and become the 'Appointed Moderator'. Use these guidelines as reference if you're overwatching a contest as appointed moderator.​
Code of Conduct
  1. You should have an eye on the contest thread, and try to help contestants with questions.

  2. Ensure that all threads are moved to respective forums, like the contest thread into the arena, when it starts, and polls and discussions into the correct archives after they've served their purpose.

  3. When the contest becomes official, you can ask for it to be put on our Notice Board.

  4. You are responsible for the contest description, rules, lay-out, and prizes, etc. If the host can handle it by himself, it's good; but don't blindly trust it. Always read through the thread and ensure everything is as intended to be. It's also very important that the rules and criteria are not simply copy-pasted from our templates, or from older contests, because they might not perfectly match for you in this situation, or may be simply outdated. Always read the rules and other pasted texts to make a validation.

  5. Be sure the contest host creates a table with all participants and entries at the first or second post of the contest thread (example). You can also make it yourself.

  6. Judge validation is also part of your job. The host may recommend users to act as judge, but you must ensure he is qualified for the job, and is familar with our Judge Guide (ensure you are familiar with it, too). In case you're uncertain of his expertise, you should have a small talk with him and prepare a few questions to test him quickly, or ask for some of his reviews.

  7. After assigning a judge, encourage him to create a pastebin entry which contains his current judgement. It's not obligatory, but having a link to this work may help to continue with contest management in case of questions or judge inactivities.

  8. When the judge sends his reviews, double-check them, so everything makes sense for you, before the results are posted.

  9. Prepare the results thread using Arena Templates.

  10. Lastly, you should make a post in our Awards Thread, linking to submissions, and judges, so the administration can deal out the awards.

  11. You are the appointed moderator, and you have the last word with contest related issues. But in case there are tough user problems, or issues with the judges, that you feel oversteps a regular problem, you can and you should come in contact with other staff, so we can work out a solution together.
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