Level 14
Jan 5, 2009
Aeon of Strife
The Aeon of Stife is perhaps of the most famous genre of Blizzard Game maps, It was first created in SC 1, and it found its way into warcraft 3 and finally now SC 2, for anybody who does not know what SC is. SC = Starcraft.
The Idea in an AoS is two sides that spawn units that fight each other and there are heroes to back each side. Well, this is what were going to make.
Points are a new thing in Starcraft 2, they get rid of alot of trigger work and time, you create which one for each lane. They will be a basis for our spawn triggers.

Remember, the same race fighting each other is boring, make sure each side is different otherwise it is totally up to the heroes, or even could lead to a stalemate.

When two sides attack each other, there units must be balanced or one side will start to win without the use heroes. This is hard to do, although you can test your stuff out and see what happens.

In each lane, usually in most AoS are towers, these towers can: Protect you from another hero or enemy units, but also are a good support when your side is losing. In most AoS a main building is need and is usually located in the heart of the base, this building if destroyed will spell victory for the other team.

Having a good amount of heroes in an AoS is good, it allows different options for players, try and create a good amount of heroes, but this will take abit of work!