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Anyone with a CD key?

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Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 64
Jan 18, 2005
Ummmm I am not too sure if this is allowed. For all we could know he might not have eve brought the game and is purly wanting to get the game for free (piracy). Especially with blizard accounts this could end in disaster. It also clearly vilates the D2 ToU for online play as it states that you should under no circamstances ever hand out your CD keys to others.

I advise rebuying the game as the only reliable way to get it any time soon. You can get both LoD and orignal for 10$ odd brand new in the shops I have seen which garuntees no play collisions, no scams and no banned keys.

I also advise that for safety you attach your keys imediatly to a blizzard account as soon as you get them, this will prevent you from losing them ever again as long as you do not lose your blizzard account which you should use regually.
Not open for further replies.