Animation problem

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Feb 22, 2011
Hi !

I started learning all this stuff concerning modeling, textures, animations (etc..) some weeks ago for my warcraft 3 map so i am still new at this.
I'm now able to make a model and texture it for warcraft but i must say that i feel stuck on the animation part.
On 3dsMax5, I made a skeleton for the right arm of my model composed of 3 bones and i applied some rotation effects on it using note tracks and many stuff i could find on tutorials from here or from "Warcraft III Art Tools Documentation.pdf". The animation play perfectly as i want on 3dsmax5 but on warcraft i get some probems probably related to this "skin effect" or something like that because if i define my bones as mesh in the "User Property Editor", i can see the bones animating well in warcraft 3 or "warcraft 3 preview" but of course the bones moves without the rest of the body and it looks weird.

Thanks for your help, and sorry if my english is bad, i hope you understand ^^
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