*Animate my model*

Level 13
Mar 21, 2012
Hi every body!!
I haven't find a blood raven model (from diablo 2) so I've download tools for modeling and I've try to do one my self (it's not a very good model) but no problem I need it for my map
The problem is that I don't know how to do animation so if any one of you can help me!! I just wont :
- stan
- walk
- attack
- and death animation

I'll give credit and +rep , so help me please !!:ogre_haosis:
and sorry for my bad english !:at:


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Level 17
Nov 11, 2005
I've seen your model, and I'm sorry to say this but It's Painful To Look At...
Why didn't you start off modeling by editing existing WcIII models...?

For instance; Use a Succubus/Demoness model as base and edit from there...
If that's not to your liking, try using Archer/Ranger model as base...
Don't try making models from nothing unless you have advance modeling tools...

Please understand that this comment and suggestions is not to offend you...