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Ancient Sanctum

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Map name: Ancient Sanctum
Number of players: 4
Playable size: 160x138
Tileset: Sunken ruins

Neutral buldings:

- 10 Goldmines;
- 1 Tavern;
- 6 Goblin Shipyard;
- 4 Goblin Laboratory;
- 4 Mercenary Camp (sunken ruins);
- 2 Goblin Merchant;
- 2 Marketplace;
- 2 Dragon Roost;
- 6 Portals.


- 14 green camps;
- 20 orange camps;
- 6(8) red camps.


Melee map for 2x2.
Spawn positions connected by land and portals. The central area can only be reached by ship.
For 1x1 cross-spawns is set.



- Changed structure of the islands;
- Added portals;
- Added Dragon Roosts;
- Removed expansions beetwen players on top and bottom;
- Changed composition and item drop of some creep camps;
- Dooads improved.

Ancient Sanctum v2.0 (Map)