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An Uru/Myth type game?

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Level 2
Jun 5, 2009

-Basic Setting (Beginning)

  • The players wake up only to find a vast post-apocalyptic world at their feet.
  • The general community of NPC's do not speak with you due to reasons unknown.
  • Your life seems to be blank or empty.

-Clues to the Present

  • Players will encounter "ghosts" on their journey that will lead them in the right direction or send them to their doom.
  • Players will find clues that will help players slowly learn what had happened and why they're there.
  • Players will solve puzzles that will test their wit.

-Clues to the Past

  • Players will find items that will produce a flashback for the player that picked the item up.

-List of NPC's

  • Ghost - Ghosts will randomly appear on the players' journey. They will either lead the player on the right path, or instead present them with a puzzle that will either lead them to their doom or on the right path. (All Players)
  • Hag - Hags will be found by old houses/buildings. They will whisper to a majority of the players telling them to come to her. There is a chance that the hag will present a short puzzle for 2 random players in the game. The rest of the players rely on the wit of those 2 players to continue on. (2 players)

-Player Characters (Heroes)

  • The Mechanic
  • The Widow
  • The Businessman
  • The ex-Marine
  • The Convict

I will continue to update these lists.
If you have an idea/suggestion please post it.
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