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Ambient Sounds?

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Level 21
May 29, 2013
While I was looking inside the MPQ archives to see what files were added or removed in the patch 1.29, I came across some sound files among other things. I'm not sure if this is a recent change since I skipped patch 1.28.

In the paths below, "Tileset" is the name of the tileset (Ashenvale, Barrens, LordaeronSummer, etc).
Patch 1.27
Patch 1.29

MID files sounded like random instrumental tones wile DLS files contained series of short environmental sounds (sound of wind, wolf howls, cricket chirping, etc.).

According to the old MIDISounds.slk (UI\SoundInfo\MIDISounds.slk) MID files were meant to be combined somehow with the DLS files from the same folder to produce ambient sounds that change depending on the tileset.

However, I couldn't hear anything while I was on 1.27 because of this:
Patch 1.27 Notes said:
Disabled ambient sound while a MIDI issue is being resolved
It looks like they tried to resolve the issue by replacing MID and DLS files with WAV files. However, I still don't hear anything even though the WAV files work fine when I open them from the MPQ archives and the 'Ambient Sounds' box in the game options is checked.

Does anyone know anything more about this?
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