AI Pathing Collision ruining effect. Fix how?

Level 6
Aug 12, 2007
I have a dummy unit with the model of a projectile, I want to order him to move to the position of the ability cast, except my only problem is he wont move to it in a straight line, he navigates there around units even though his movement type is set to Fly and collision size is set to 0. How do I fix this? I need him to walk in a perfectly straight line against an oncoming tide of units, without trying to navigate around them. Likewise, I want the creeps to walk in a perfectly single file line straight at the region they are being ordered to, not to try to navigate around anything. Can I disables pathhing or something somewhere maybe? All my units are either 0 collision or flying or ghosts even, and they still try to avoid each other. I want to make a unit move in a perfectly straight line, ignoring all collisions and pathing and everything.
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Level 2
Dec 8, 2008
Give it the Locust ability. It will ignore pathing, become invulnerable and won't be selectable. There are some other things too but those are the important ones that you seem to need.
Level 8
Nov 9, 2008
The above are both good options.

It should work if you set collision to 0. Maybe try to make a trigger that also disables its collision....worth a shot.