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Advanced Knowledge of Warcraft III: Armor/Attack Types

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Level 12
Nov 24, 2005
Armor/Attack Types


Note: Attack type and weapon type are very different,
an attack type is what kind of damage is dealt, while
a weapon type is how the damage arrives at it's target.

Who Cares?

All offensive units can be classified by what armor and attack types they use.
A unit's armor will tell you what to use against it, while a unit's attack type will tell you what it is good against.

Ex: An Archer (Night Elf) has an armor type of medium
and an attack type of pierce. Using this, I can tell that to counter
this Archer I will need a unit with medium armor, 75% damage
taken from pierce, and normal damage, 150% damage against medium armor.


The Match-ups

Armor/Attack --- Counter (Percent of dealt/recieved)

Armor Counters
Light............ Pierce (200%)
Medium.........Normal (150%)
Heavy...........Magic (200%)
Fortified........Siege (150%)
Hero.............Normal, Chaos, Hero (100%)
Unarmored.....Pierce, Siege (150%)
Attack Counters
Normal............Fortified (70%)
Pierce.............Fortified (35%), Hero, Medium (50%, 75%)
Siege.............Medium, Hero (50%)
Magic.............Fortified (35%), Hero, Medium (50%, 75%)
Chaos............All Types (100%)
Spells............Hero (70%)
Hero..............Fortified (50%)

Generalizations and Irregularities

  • Ranged attackers usually have medium armor and piercing attack
  • Spellcasters are usually unarmored and have a magic attack
  • Most Flying units have light armor
  • Heavy armor is usually on melee units, and a normal attack
  • Chaos does 100% damage to all armor types
  • Heroes usually have Hero armor (!)
  • Spells is damage dealt by a cast spell (Ex: Blizzard or Stampede)

Everything I Need To Know........ Right?

No! Absolutely not! Always consider health and damage before pitting
a certain unit against another. In my very first example I said that a medium
armored unit with normal damage would be good against an archer, well that
does not mean a peasant will beat an archer. Most times, the best solution
is mixing, which will involve a "tanking" unit with the needed armor type quickly followed up by the damage dealers with the needed attack type.


Further Reading/Info

Almost all the information hero was interpreted from the blizzard site.

Blizzard's Armor and Attack types article

Charts on armor vs. attack types, from Blizzard

Human Units Info

Orc Units Info

Night Elf Units Info

Undead Units Info

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