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[General] Advanced Build/Build Structure 2/Build Armory Structure

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Well, I used spellbooks (with different base order ID) for "Build Structure 2". However, buildings built via the spellbooks doesn't require repair and cost.

How to make structures built via this ability to require repair when constructing?

Build Structures 2: Builds certain structures and also contains "Build Armory Structure"

Build Armory Structures: Builds defensive structures, superweapons, structures like cloning vats, spy satellites, etc.
Level 12
Oct 16, 2010
when u place the building (event : unit enters playable map)

-remove the building that enters (trig unit)
-place the "real" building with a dummy builder
-remove dummy builder and order your builder unit to repair the building


you can simply use instead of spellbook a simple morph ability or a dummy ability
to change between 2 kind of builder with 1-1 set of buildings.
(u can hide visuals and use same model with both to make it look theres 1 unit)
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