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Adding 'Move'-Ability

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I hope someone could help me with my problem.
I have an ability. If I cast it to a point, the unit will move to this point.
But it doesn't have the ability move (the standard ability, which makes
the unit able to walk/move/run/whatever).
So I add it via triggers, and remove it after the unit reached the point.

I use this action
  • Unit - Add 'Amov' (Move) to Unit
but this doesn't work. The unit don't get the move ability, and also don't
walk to the point.

So does someone know, which action I could use instead, or how I could
fix this problem?

I'll give +rep, for helping comments!

Well, I can't replace units, that won't working with the buffs (unless the replaced unit
has the buffs of the first unit).
So I think I have to hide my unit, create the same type, move it, remove it, move my
unit instantly to the point, and unhide my unit.
Well a bit complicated, but thank you for your help, don't know if I thought of this.
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