Adding AI

Level 9
Apr 7, 2010
so most AI script from spells have advanced orders depending on the number of units beside them, if a unit is killed and the number fall short the hero controlled by AI would run away another thing is that AI would attack rather than wasting spells

so those are my problems.

i need an AI like from Archers,
1. AI doesnt attack, always using spells
2. AI evades spell or arrow from enemy
3. AI dont retreat when alone
4. AI buy and uses item when necessary
5. AI doesnt go too near the enemy, in this case not on point blank range

can anyone give a link where i can download an AI script with this features. thanks!
Level 33
Apr 24, 2012
1)Units who has computer players automatically casts spells.Rarely items
2)Detect a missile coming from an AI unit,then make the unit order to move a direction 90 degrees from the missile
3)Count units around the ai,if the no of enemy units is powerful than the ai unit,make the ai retreat.
4)This requires "a unit comes within blah blah range of example unit"
AIs cant buy items,instead create items for them and just decrease its gold.
Items has been mentioned on no.1
5)dont get it.

Here are some AIs:
The ff AI requires JNGP:

Simple GUI AI:
Level 9
Apr 7, 2010
5) because the heroes on my map doesn't have any attack so they might end up following the enemy hero which is at point blank range.

aside from the AI you've given; are there AI made specially for Hero Arena? since those AI are intended for AOS