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Disable War3 AI

Level 8
Mar 26, 2009
Altough Melee AI script is disabled in the map (trigger thing); Computer controlled players still keep some of their AI =) For example: If a unit has ability based on:
Divine Shield -> It automatically casts it upon receving damage
Berserk -> Casts when attacking an enemy unit (could be auto-engage too)
Storm Bolt -> (yeah) It casts it on attacking enemy even before receiving any damage!
Is there some -easy- way to disable this AI?
In my map, I already have trigger based "AI" for spellcasting (dummy faerie fire with autocast, you know it =D) I don't want natural AI casting spells on its own =) What do I do?

Is there a AI script that neutralizes Computer AI completely? Or, are there any abilities that are not auto-casted by computer AI?
Edit: Changed Base ability from Berserk to Roar and problem is fixed (at the cost of order interruptions =D)
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