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Absorber Vortex 0.9

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Level 1
May 31, 2009
Hello Guys,

This is my first Spell. Please test it. If you find bugs, leaks or anything else, write it in this Threat.

Absorber Vortex:

Deals 100/150/200 Damage + 5*Your Intelligence
Every Unit, exept the caster, get sucked instantly into the vortex. You get +2% of your total Mana for every Unit in the Vortex.

I have one Leak, but I can't fix it, because you won't get mana after the first cast. Weird, I know. :confused:
Maybe someone of the "Experts" can help me.

Spell is GUI, MUI, Lagless and has one leak. I will fix it, if i know how.

have Fun with the Spell!
Level 6
Dec 9, 2007
1st: You don't have a link to the spell in the post.
2nd: This is the forum where you say "Hello I am a newb to Hive" and so on. It have nothing to do with spells.
Not open for further replies.