about the starcraft resources

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Dec 4, 2007
maybe im doing it wrong, but i was trying to look at all the SC2 stuff thats been uploaded (because i was thinking about getting the game tomorrow)
but only when i click the main "SC 2 Resources" button up top does anything appear (and its only 14 random items, most pending) when i try to do specific searches for types of resources i get a blank page

is this bugged? or are there really only 14 items uploaded for SC2?
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Feb 4, 2005
Putting an effort in making something doesn't hurt :/ see Mapster made their own Footman that im sure isn't a WoW rip. I know it's not easy, even replacing a texture isn't simply importing and setting the same path. It works painfully for me too to just replace smth like that but ppl should try. But it is certain there won't be as many models as here not even a quarter in numbers


People don't use THW for sc2. You might want to check out sc2mapster.

I also wonder why I bother posting things sometimes and staying seeing that fact. Well, I won't anymore, was just for a while.
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