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A song, maybe you know?

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Level 37
Aug 14, 2006

I'm searching for a song. The one who knows gets some rep. Here are information:

- The song is performed by a rock band. Maybe legendary, I don't know.
- The singer is male.
- The song has a music video.
- The song is probably 5-10 years old. I can be wrong.
- Theme is that there's hell that is frozen.
- If I remember correctly, the music video also has a house and a woman. I think maybe the singer is singing about the woman.
- The music video has a winter theme. I think there's winter outside and a warm wooden house.
- The singer screams like a real rock band singer should.

Ask more, I'm happy to answer. I really want to find this song.
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Level 22
Feb 3, 2009
One more thing, if you know (at least partly) the lyrics, then you should be able to find pretty much any song you desire.

For example, all it takes is to google this "heaven denied us it's kingdom" and it will find me Delain - Virtue and Vice.

You should have similar luck if the song is at least somewhat popular.

-Breaking Benjamin is a rock band
-Lead singer is male
-that's a music video (and an awesome one at that)
-Halo 3 came 5 years ago, but the song itself is like 8 years old
-Cortana is kinda like a woman. House is similar to home, and master chief returns to Earth, his home. Also 'blow me away' yep that's about a girl ;D
-On planet Harvest, there is snow.
-There is screaming


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