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A possible new character in WoW that I made up

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Jul 26, 2013
Hi sorry I am writing this off the top of my head instantly because I just woke up and to me and during my dream this seems really cool, and maybe not the best character build up/character creation , I think it's alright. I also understand that there are many mistakes/uninteresting points because of it being in the dream since dreams make things bigger then they actually are sometimes. Hopefully someone will catch on to this idea!

When Arthas invaded Silvermoon city he killed a pregnant woman who was giving birth, but the elf baby still managed to survive and group up normally studying engineering, this elf/later blood elf was very un elfy and you could say nerdy but it didn't much bother her because of her care free attitude. Later the world events something bad happens below silvermoon city around the ghostlands, whatever time place/event (maybe alliance invading) or the undead there are getting restless due to some problems in icecrown. Whatever it may be, the hero, finds this elf tinkering in some elvish or troll ruins in the ghostlands area, but she was unaware/didn't care about the things surrounded her because she was about to invent the best archeological bot that would help archeologist determine translations and stuff. The hero finds the elf either due to a main quest or a random side quest on the map. But basically, after the chatter between the Hero and the Elf, she finishes her robot and the robot translates the famed ruined in the ghostlands while the hero is fighting a wave of enemies. In the ruins, the elf finds out there is a legendary set of armor worn by a legendary knight called something like "scarlet crusader" or "crimson knight" and it becomes their big news she is going to report to silvermoon to show that her skills and life investments had payed off. Basically she finds the set of armor but no one can wear it but her because the inscription said "only the resident of this land with the same taint that is invading these lands may wear this armor to right the wrong of invaders" or something like that. This is where I forgot about the story key parts that make it amazing because it was a dream, but there will be a period of training and fun stuff before the elf can unlock this armor and actually wear it since it is still very heavy for her. In the end of this "chapter" or scenario, the blood elf at the tick of the moment manages to unlock the armor and wear it, with it the ancient powers/enchantments that this ancient elf had works for her but most importantly her skills pays off. In this moment some citizens of either silvermoon or a nearby town/village make a run of it but are kinda trapped, but just in time the Elf fights off the enemy, though they outnumber her, her birth traits mixed with the enchantment of the armor allow her to do a semi paladin, semi death knight resurrection where fallen soldiers ( or enemy) fight on her side, I think it wouldn't be that they turn to skeletons or that they actually rez like OP anduin but instead some holy or reddish light glows out of them and allows them to fight for her in a period of time. This proves to the hero and to the Blood Elves that this Elf isn't someone to mess around with and is a hero. A hero unlike us because they are an NPC and this NPC could be seen as another mirror of us or a rival even. Eventually she begins to follow a similar path or at least have the same amount of presence as Arthas did but is a little "good arthas" not exactly "good arthas" because that would be lame.

To sum up the story and what I think is cool about it is:

A random elf who was given death related/Arthas related powers before being born while her mother died lived a life of quirkiness and was a strange elf who was a master of engineering. This elf manages to create an archeological engineering bot that helps her find legendary armor from a legendary elf who once was a big deal during his time (long time ago). At the same time there is a type of invasion/issue in the area, but after YOU the hero can't equip the armor and the Elf tried to, it was clear that the elf was somewhat "chosen for this", but was still unable to enable it's powers due to the heavy enchantments it carried. So the elf spends time training (filler, idk what would happen) and improving her skills as a warrior and other talents. Eventually at a climax of this chapter, the elf wears the armor and has a "Ye im the one moment" because of the armor glowing. She saves a mob of civilians about to be slaughtered or something and unintentionally summons half undead/half revived force of enemy or friendly soldiers to fight with her. She later follows a similar revered path as Arthas but more neutral and slightly nicer.

(slightly shorter lol)

I would like to know what you guys think, because it's hard to express emotions someone has to another but to me this is slightly cool.
I guess what inspired my dream to happen is that I don't like WoW story at the moment and still salty that so many characters just died off and this would be a story that I would buy from Blizzard when they attempt to make a new/good character in WoW that is going to be important in the story.

Thanks for reading if you did and I cannot fault you if you didn't read this cringe !
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