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A new type of Maul

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Level 2
Apr 15, 2007
Map name: Still none :/

Name of the creators: (Parantheses are bnet names) Fabian(UltiGrek) and Aziz(Obidobi2000)

Current stage of the map: Not even alpha I think, well some ideas for spells and the map is made.

Summary of the map gameplay/objectives: Your mission is to defend one of your allies base (where the ship are at the bottom in mauls) from waves of zombies. You get to choose a hero and instead of mazing you create blockades with barrells and stuff.

Map features: Custom-made spells ;)

Miscellaneous Info (credits?): Help is needed... By an expert :p Well I can use world editor, Iam self learned since the summer 2004. But no JASS knowledge nor to much skills im spell creation.

Pictures will come later ;) If you get the idea of the objectives you can post what you think about them. And if you got any questions about the map I will try to answer them as good as I can, though my english isnt the best.
Level 3
Jan 26, 2008
Also a good idea. :infl_thumbs_up: There's a good spellbook tutorial in the tutorials section, you should try spellbooks for various types of spells. If you've ever played RZO 2, i was thinking a system like that. If you haven't, upgrading a spellbook gets you new abilities, not upgrading old ones. Older ones are more easily massed, but not that much. They would be only if you needed to block a random event from making you lose or if you lost all leftover mana/gold at the end of each round and didn't have enough for some more better grades.
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