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A few skins ~Kaitech

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Level 17
Apr 11, 2007
Well, messiness I can't explain, is it the shading?

I'm using the smudge* tool, but you cant just go ahead and say that's unprofessional, it's professional if you know how to use it, have you tried wrapping it? I wanna see pics of it wrapped :3

Vista + WC3 Viewer = No... Are there any other ways I can wrap?

I might give up on this one, I just remembered the back of it is so bugged up that it's almost unskinnable... Some decent modeler should fix that...

Meep... Got an update and a massive start on my Armoured Dragon.


Lots of it is still untouched or mapped out...

Yet another update bump, I can't attach these through the site, my internet has dodgy written all over it :/

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Level 9
Jan 1, 2007
im gonna shoot the next person who says smudging is good for skinning >.< (just joking)

anyways the Supa has said some stuff on the dragon i dont need to say but the head is very flats stilll =\
Smudge is only useful to get cheap results. But it would be a miracle if someone could make a perfect art with the smudge tool.




Even though these aren't excellent examples, see how horribly smudged the third pic is. The highlights on the face and hair is messy.

Blending with brushes (with low opacity) gives more effective results, and imo, is more fun to use.
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