(8)Arachnida Rivulet

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(8)Arachnida Rivulet
Player Suggest: 4v4
Idea: Spider Falls rework...
Map Creator: Zucth

Map Description:
An old giant spider dry up leave the middle as land. Bridges got expand into a larger one connecting with their allied. The open space after dry up make the place more suitable for a large fight.

Neutral Building:
16 Expansion Goldmines (All-14500)
4 Tavern
8 Goblin Lab
4 Goblin Merchant

Creep Camp:
8 Green
20 Orange
0 Red (+8 base)

-this is a spiderfalls map remade by using falaras idea of expo position, but keep mainbase goes round the circle
-what have I change and improve from original one? Remove cliff, more space to fight, took the bridge out, less problematic creep ability, adding middle more stuff to contest between player, safer behind the base but less safe in term of route and higher creep overall level.
-this map idea was 1v1+1v1+2v2 or 2v2+2v2 or 4v4 fight.

Spoiler: Last Update

Creator Note:
-try to reuse an old map layout idea that didn't work before...

(8)Arachnida Rivulet (Map)