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(4)Rock Quarry

Submitted by Zucth
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
(4)Rock Quarry V1.0
Player Suggest: 2v2, FFA, 1v1
Map Creator: Zucth

Map Preview:

Neutral Building:
12 Goldmines (All-12500)
4 Tavern
2 Goblin Merchant
4 Mercenary camp -Village
1 Goblin Lab
2 marketplace

Creep Camp:
8 Green
20 Orange
5 Red (-4 base)

-This is a remade 4 players version of Rock Quarry which is original 8 players map made by blizzard.
-playable size 116x116

Creator Note:
-Idk if I can me made myself since it is almost 80% whole remade xD. Let say it a edit version since I'm not sure of this situation.
-also I did make the mid city destroy.

(4)Rock Quarry (Map)