(4) Centaur Valley

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(4)Centaur Valley

- In a valley, deep in the wilderness, many battles have taken place. All that remained in the valley were the centaurs after 50 years of war; until now...

This map contains:

- 1 Tavern
- 8 Gold Mines


The small passageways are intentional to make things more interesting and force players to use slightly different tactics.

This is my first ever melee map, so if I need to improve on anything please tell me

(4) Centaur Valley (Map)

14:32, 8th Feb 2011 -Kobas-: Map Status: Rejected Broken Rules: (Resource) Functionality Comment




14:32, 8th Feb 2011
Map Status: Rejected
Broken Rules:
(Resource) Functionality
Level 8
Aug 18, 2008
Yeah, this won't be approved. Mostly because it is poorly done and unplayable.
Being your first map is not a excuse to upload a poorly made one.

There are a lot of issues with this map. Lets name a few of them.
Being 3 players on a map this size could work if not for those narrow passages.
If you play as Night Elf you will not be able to entangle any goldmine besides the one you start with, because of those narrow passages in the corners.
The terrain looks unnatural and plain ugly.
I guess the tileset is nice (for a first atleast) but definatly room for improvement and I strongly suggest you use more doodads.
If you play with 4 players you will not be able to obtain any item drops.
Because the only permanent items are dropped by red mobs guarding the "starter" gold mines.
Some bigger units, are unable to walk to the enemy bases due to the narrow passages.
If you want to win this map simply pick undead and wait until you get Frost Wyrm's.

Strongly suggest you start over and try again, because unless you make major changes to this map - it is not going to be approved.
Also suggest you take a look at the terrain tutorials, because you got a lot to learn.


(4) Centaur Valley
Created by Kevlamin ; Uploaded by: kevlamin
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Map status: Rejected

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