3.1.0 is Coming

Level 18
Nov 1, 2006
Hey everyone. So I guess it's that time of year again, because I've got the itch to really overhaul AtD yet again. This time around, I'm doing something I should have done a long time ago. I'm in the process of recoding nearly every single trigger in AtD to leverage Vexorian's TimerUtils system and vJass structs. I'm about a quarter of the way through that process right now with a full head of steam. I expect to have something to release by this time in April, if not early May. This is going to be a huge step for AtD and will improve performance across the board while also providing a noticeable difference in how spells look in-game. I am excited. You should be excited too. This is not the last development to come for AtD and I look forward to continuing to update this mod for some time to come.

    //yeah, this is happening!!
    struct Incarcerate_Data
    unit victim
    unit warden
    lightning light
    integer owner
    integer instance
    method onDestroy takes nothing returns nothing
        set .victim = null
        set .warden = null
        set .light = null