(2)Windy Barrens

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A melee map i created on about 2 hours.
I hope you enjoy the map and if you find any bugs, unbalances or other post it.
Critism is fine, but please make it constructive :)

Here is some information:
Name: Windy Barrens
Players: 1vs1
Drops: Level 1-5
Neutrals: 2x Goblin Merchant, 2x Gold Mines
Creeps: Level 1-8
Description: The barrens has been a home for alot of creeps but now it is turned into a battlefield, and the wild creatures of the windy barrens will try to defend their home of any cost!

- Fixed terrain
- Added creeps near gold mines
- Added 2 green spots


barrens, wind, windy, desert, canyon, 1vs1, 2 player, x-omg-x

(2)Windy Barrens (Map)

16:33, 28th Oct 2009 ap0calypse: Approved Quality is good enough.




16:33, 28th Oct 2009
ap0calypse: Approved

Quality is good enough.
Level 5
Oct 4, 2009
At all the plan of the map is very simple. The terrain is too plain and the work on the tiles is only average. The drops are nonsense. Use the blizzard droptable otherwise its very imbalanced.

So my vote:

Map structure/paths/tactical usement of the terrain: 3/10 - way to simple
Terrain: 5/10 - looked good enough for a beginner
Creeps/Balance: 0/10 - creep drops were totaly lame and imbalanced...
Use the drop-tables which blizzard did!!!

At all 8/30 - but I wont rate right now... It would kill your rating. Ill wait until you fixed the drops and add a bit high variation - but also raise the doodads to hide the bad texture of the rocks - After those 2 points are fixed - I will throw an eye on it again.

=) Don´t give up meelemapping - the only maps I love =)