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(2)Ores Cryptic

Submitted by Zucth
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
(2)Ores Cryptic V1.01
Player Suggest: 1v1
Inspiration: Teranas Stand [which give a feeling of unique path.] + 3expo idea
Map Creator: Zucth

Map Preview:


Map Description:
Crypt land under felwood cover with the cold pressure but never freeze up. the old wall behind the dead crack and eliminated. the hidden mines far away showed itself.

Neutral Building:
8 Expansion Goldmines (All-12500)
2 Tavern
1 Goblin Merchant
1 Marketplace
2 Goblin Lab

Creep Camp:
6 Green
12 Orange
0 Red

-orange easy-hard camp exist
-rune of the watcher drop from marketplace camp
-3 expo per player in 84x88 map size
-terrain mixed: felwood, Northern, ICG, Underground.
-no per5 drop
-1 market and 1 shop mid. lab outside near base. It's mines control game

++There's a WIP down in the photo down there in case you wanna asked of it.

1.0 release on W3C Mapper discord, make the path larger
1.01 release on hive

Creator Note:
-lack of space//map quite dark warning! both on minimap and in game

(2)Ores Cryptic (Map)

  1. Cigaro


    May 12, 2012
    I'm not too happy with the visual style.

    The distribution of doodads is way too random for my taste. Look at this screenshot, for example. There are graves. So is it a graveyard on a cliff? A bit weird, but okay. But what's all that stuff with the crates and shields, who would store that on a graveyard? The bright yellow flowers don't fit the dark theme. Mushrooms and shrubs don't go well together, either. And why is there a torch?
    To emphasize my point, I've removed some doodads from the above area. I think it looks much more consistent now. Naturally it all comes down to a question of personal taste, but perhaps you'll agree that less can be more in this case.

    My main issue with the design – and this concerns your other maps as well – is the absolute flatness of the map. There are no hills at all. I've attempted to also realize this with screenshots but you can't see the difference too well.
    area-1.jpg area-2.jpg
    Warcraft 3 looks really great with locally elevated terrain. Naturally it makes doesn't make sense in every single map out there, but it does in most.

    Some tress are incorporated into archways:

    You should put a cliff here so units can't reach the edge of the map (except for flying ones, of course):

    That's not to say that everything is bad. The dark-greenish theme with the light-green works rather well I think, looks a little like "Underground" lightning.

    The terrain is generally okay, however you could get rid of some of the "lost tiles":


    The Murloc Mutant creep is an absolute pain because cripple lasts 60 seconds. I guess you could argue that it's almost a red spot and supposed to be difficult and all, but players are still gonna complain heavily.

    Similar problem with the Dark Troll High Priest. Sleep lasts 10 seconds and can be absolutely destructive when the enemy catches your creeping that.

    I think the map center needs to be redesigned for several issues:
    a) The creeps will attack scouts and other units that are only passing by. There need to be more trees on their flanks.
    b) When you attack one creep camp, it might trigger the other.
    c) Also, why does the Market camp only drop a rune of the watcher (plus a small powerup)? That's disappointing.

    I would probably remove the ramps around the Goblin Labs. There seems to be no particular reason for them to exist in the first place.

    The lvl 8 creep camps in the center (troll and wolves) drop a lvl 2 charged – that's pretty strong.

    When you go for lvl 11 gold mine and kill the lvl 5 camp with Sludge Finger, the creeps at the mine and the spot at the Goblin Lab, you'll be around 20 exp short for lvl 3. Players will with that illogical. What you can do is slightly buff the Sludge Finger camp with an extra lvl 1 creep, re-composition the natural creeps to something like 5-3-2-1, or buff the Goblin Lab creep camp as it's pretty safe to farm. I would not buff the natural creeps because that gold mine is already pretty exposed.

    The lvl 14 gold mine, is too close to the starting position. It would have to be better guarded or further away. I also don't see why you'd need 3 extra gold mines per player.


    I don't mean to sound too negative. Your maps are not terrible or anything, they just seem underdeveloped/unfinished.
  2. Zucth


    Jan 4, 2020

    ty for the feedback, I may take some that I agree on to improve. I did have a question after your feedback
    flower in front or near the tomb isn't that possible or normal for a normal graveyard which ppl not really take care of just light the place up. I have no right to say about those stuff.
    I complete forgot about the terrain high and low for visual and lost tile is bad? I do think that the most nature look is to make it exist but not every where, there are nothing perfect. [But ty the terrain from your anyway I cant say much cause you are the terrainer expert :D]


    about the hard orange I want it to be very hard but same time I didn't see any problem there cause when the time come they will have the dispel guy anyway or I'm wrong Idk. Sleep camp, it wasn't hard at all it's all about the annoying[harder by the creep used.]
    -a> that won't happened I did test it.
    -b> that's true at first I was trying to do one camp blocked the middle, but someone did argue about it. So I change to 2 camp with the same goal.
    -c> really? I thought that ROW is strong as lv3 item. + with the position it is you can control mid both shop which is pretty OP though... isn't that too much?

    again, I can't say that much about how it result look. But I will take that and look more careful next time.