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120 Degree Hero

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Level 12
Aug 10, 2004
This is based of a game design that is supposed to make Warcraft 3 more of a strategy real time fighter
-That includes Location control, Quick, reaction time based combat and a reason to act quickly instead of waiting for your opponents to

Each hero has a few Powers
1) Blink (s)
2) Mana Sheild-Wastes Mana during use?
3) Mana Charge-Semi Automatic (Gives you mana)
4) Charm

And Items are
1) Stasis Trap (w)-Location/Homing Lightning Control
2) Shockwave (a)-Small Shockwave "arrows" you shoot out that have infinite range but may not hit your opponent since they are not instantaneous
3) Bladestorm (d)-one hit kill... don't get too close... and if you do, you better hope you have better reaction time then your enemies

All that attacks act as are on screen Radar systems
-Attack effects gain Finger of Pain animations ata pretty Modrate RoF and High Range and able to target many opponents
--This makes every enemy within range constantly displayed by your "Radar"

Each spell has no cooldown or Casting time. They are all meant to be instantaneous and supposed to be about on the fly thinking with only a certain amount of mana.

I'm thinking as you get to higher levels, your mana regeneration decreases
And if you get too high, it becomes negative
-Basically this is supposed to balance out the whole idea of People getting exetremely good at this game and still giving them difficulty

And the Map that it would exsist on would be all about the Mana Pool Control

There would also be Creeps around the map for people to charm and use as bait/armies/Eyes

I need a little help designing it...
-But basically I am making a DBZ stylized Strategy fighter that also factors in Creeps
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