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Submitted by sd700402
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
This map is not my creation, please support the original, the map is not in English, so please experience
First of all, I am so happy that you can enjoy this world of Warcraft TD map. In order to let you have a good game experience, the following first to understand how to set up, so that your game can be normal. Please be patient with this guide, so that you can take a lot of detours in the game!
1, map is the world of Warcraft 1.24e version, please switch to the corresponding version of Warcraft, the new version of the map size has more than 8M, please in the single player mode or play 8M online patch.
2, because the game information prompt text display form, for a variety of display, rotation switch inside the VIP service of players to the world bank.
3, because of Warcraft restrictions, runs in high resolution for a period of time may arise after the font garbled, can switch desktop challenges to low resolution, determined and then switch back to the original resolution, to return to the world of Warcraft in most cases should be back to normal.
4, although it has been to avoid the phenomenon of the collapse of the map and the mouse pointer can not be normal, please set the results are set to be high and open (in particular, the quality of the texture, or can not start the game).
5, in order to improve the performance of the game, if it is Windows7 and above system, please set in the screen saver for high performance.
6, because of the restrictions of the world of Warcraft, each time to continue the game will use the last map settings, all the best to completely withdraw from the game after the re enter the game (commonly known as the big back). After the game victory or failure to continue, and then restart the unit may occur when the game occurs, such as the collapse of the game.
7, this map can be obtained from the following three aspects:
QQ group (chaotic world of chaos A6 shrimp 467917188) group sharing file;
Feifei world map download area;
Baidu Post Bar top link;
Other places to get the map does not guarantee map is modified after problems, such as lack of hero or all martial arts can not be triggered. Cloud has adjusted the share of Warcraft III program, want to save the game player please download this version.
The first part of the map
Plot: land of the Chinese dynasties are subject to alien invasion of the disaster, several Chinese civilization development is interrupted, in Mongolian Yuan, during the reign of the Qing Dynasty even the Chinese civilization dramatically backwards, but thousands of years with the alien war also emerged innumerable outstanding sons and daughters of the Chinese nation, here to talk about the is one of the people in the martial world mixed against the story...

Wulin hegemony, you can be the best in all the land

混乱武林A6.1.19虾行天下 (Map)

22:02, 29th May 2016 Remixer: Rejected - map is not in English and it is not made by you, which is against the Hive rules.
  1. 22:02, 29th May 2016

    Rejected - map is not in English and it is not made by you, which is against the Hive rules.
  2. Remixer


    Feb 19, 2011
    Do not upload maps that are not made by you. Also do not upload maps that are not in English - English is a requirement.